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Beale Communication Planning

Beale Communication Planning teams with in-house staff and partners with selected experts to help executives communicate effectively within their business development, marketing and sales management programs. Our Lucid Method® practices in messaging, branding and evidence-based storytelling produce narratives that achieve desired outcomes across the organization. We work with senior leaders, corporate communicators, marketing directors, sales executives, product managers, organizational performance consultants and creative agencies in the U.S. and globally.

About Therese Beale

Turning a stream of messy data and conflicting opinions into a succinct differentiating message gives Therese a thrill.

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Therese established Beale Communication Planning in 1999 to focus on the critical requirements of communication planning as a management practice. Her consulting and training services are based on the Lucid Method®, a methodology Therese developed from empirical research to focus on audience analysis, cultural alignment and evidence development as essential components of strategic messaging.  That’s why this methodology, originally created as part of a training program for a global consulting company, has continued to drive business effectiveness for a wide range of clients, regardless of industry focus.

Therese’s agency career spanned 11 years serving a diverse portfolio of clients at Burson-Marsteller (Chicago); Fleishman-Hillard (Chicago, Washington, D.C.) and Lawler Ballard Advertising (Richmond, Va.)  Before entering public relations, Therese was a reporter and editor at two daily newspapers in Virginia.

Therese has a M.S. in Communication from Northwestern University and a B.A. in Communication Arts from James Madison University. She is past president of Marketing and Communications Executives International – Seattle, and a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow Seattle, Class of 2006. She is a skilled speaker and an advanced Toastmaster with active membership in two clubs.

More about Therese

First job:  I was a serial entrepreneur. Imagine me with freckles and baby-blue cat-eye glasses, selling pitchers of lemonade, seashells, custom-made bean bag animals and Girl Scout cookies door-to-door. When I was 11, I moved on to offering a weekly childcare program in my basement. My activities with the neighborhood kids often included a lesson on manners. The lawyer next door started complaining that his kids were admonishing him to keep his elbows off the table and his napkin in his lap.

First lesson:  Details matter. I learned the hard way while writing wedding notices as a summer newspaper intern in Virginia. The bride’s irate mother showed up at my desk after I moved her ex-husband to the top of the ceremony announcement.

Favorite natural wonder: Bobby McFerrin

Next-life job: Reincarnate of travel guru Rick Steves

Most magical experience: Childbirth