Back to basics with a marcom tool kit

November 9th, 2009

If someone asked you what marketing activity would help you grow your business over the next six to nine months, what would you say?

A handful of senior executives at a large professional services firm pondered the question recently during a quick interview to update marketing plans. Their responses carried a consistent theme:

“Help me articulate what our industry is all about in North America and what we are doing in a differentiated way.”

“Help me tell the consumer story and package our offerings both externally and for the sales force.”

“Marketing can help me refine our messages for a really good client presentation.”

“I need a basic tool kit — case studies, points of view, packaging of our offerings.”

This year’s volatile economy has thrown a lot of business plans into a tailspin. It’s likely your message – and what you’re selling – have shifted a bit. Getting back to basics is top of mind.  Now’s the time to step back and articulate who you are, what you do, what differentiates you. And to make sure everyone agrees before you take the message on the street.

These executives’ marketing wish list includes a tool kit — a set of basic marketing communications materials. So far we’ve scoped out a customer presentation, point of view paper, and case studies. (And that presentation aims to feature an incredible shrinking story that hooks the customer at the onset.)

Every organization has different needs and preferences. I’m curious: What’s on your wish list for the ideal marketing and sales tool kit?

Posted November 9th, 2009

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