blueprints - shutterstock_3648839When you want to differentiate yourself consistently,  you reshape your marketing approach to embrace customer-focused brand-driven messages.

Mithun is a Seattle-based architecture firm committed to its environmental expertise and artistic design aesthetic. As the “green” movement began to accelerate in 2005, Mithun realized they needed to communicate its differentiation consistently to keep their vision of becoming the integrated design leader of a sustainable world.

Beale Communication Planning teamed with Brand Lab, a leading brand consultancy, to conduct a thorough brand communications audit. By interviewing clients, principals and industry influencers, they assessed opportunities for the Mithun brand to reshape every touchpoint with clients and industry partners. The resulting brand framework inspired a fresh creative approach and brand-driven messaging for collateral, presentations, RFPs and the web.

The firm’s language around the topic of sustainability was expanded to express the full potential of its vision. Photography was transformed from building- focused to people-centric. Marketing copy shifted a technical, engineering tone to values-driven language reflective of client relationships. The website and collateral used the brand messages to put a new face on Mithun.

To support integration of the brand, Therese worked with marketers across Mithun’s diverse studios in numerous ways:

  • “Make-overs” of RFPs and cut sheets – a “before and after” approach to demonstrate use of the brand framework to expedite organization of content, focus on audience interests.
  • A brand message workshop with the marketing team with follow-up coaching sessions to calibrate projects in progress.
  • Tailored message platforms for each design studio, with prompts to document project proof points.
  • Refreshed brand-driven versions of the firm’s boilerplate and elevator pitch.

Brand-driven messages helped writers update copy on the Mithun website: “Our integrated teams understand global issues and help to drive the best return on investments — economically, socially, environmentally and artistically. Making these connections, we deliver enduring value that raises the quality of life for individuals and entire communities.”

“Therese did an excellent job of helping people from all parts of our company understand our messaging and their role in it. A lot of people do message development and branding. What Therese brings to it is a process and ability to guide us in a way that also makes the end product relevant to everyone.”

Wendy Abeel

Marketing Director