Habitat for Humanity International

When you’re preparing to a launch a new logo globally,  you need an understanding of the full potential of brand-building messages.

As Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) prepared to roll out a new logo in 2005, it needed 2,100 affiliates in more than 100 countries to understand the value of its widely respected brand* and to learn how strategic messages build the brand in offices worldwide.

Therese worked with the communication management team on a series of activities to support the HFHI Global Communications Conference in Atlanta:

  • Creation of a message framework to align the global brand and its new visual identity with universal message themes that would be relevant across borders in every geography covered by the organization. Therese interviewed scores of HFH associates, development managers and marketing specialists across the globe to incorporate their insights into a consistent understanding of the brand.
  • Delivery of a ”Communicate Your Brand” hour-long presentation that provided key findings of insight interviews and provided the back- story behind the creation of a core message framework reflecting the full value of the HFH brand.
  • Facilitation of a workshop with global marketing team members after the brand message presentation. Participants worked as teams to customize the core brand messages to their respective projects and stakeholder interests.

As a result of working with Therese, Habitat for Humanity used the launch of the new logo as a timely opportunity to reinforce its brand in messages that reflected Habitat’s growth and opportunities over the long term. Therese gave the marketing team with the neccessary tools to update their messaging worldwide to enhance community relations and fundraising activities.

“Your message, as well as your encouragement and advice, were greatly appreciated. Just like our volunteers who drive nails and build houses, your support and guidance make our work ever stronger.”

Chris Clarke

Senior Vice President, Communications

* Valued at $1.8 billion by Interbrand