Communication is a process

September 25th, 2009
moving sidewalk

This whole business of sending the right message just doesn’t go away. Connecting with the right customer, standing out from competitors – it’s an ongoing process.  No wonder, then, that my bookshelves are full of titles as stimulating as “Management Communication,” and “Communicating Change.” Honestly, one of my all time faves is “Getting your Point across in 30 seconds or less.” Written in 1990, that title could be changed to “10 seconds or less” and probably sell even more copies in our time-starved media environment.

A whole host of processes that most of us would rather ignore lies at the root of getting the message right.  Things like market analysis, customer research, branding, sales tracking. Throwing words on paper is easy. Figuring out a way to capture the right words, not so easy.

Getting to the end-game – the right message – is as much a function of organizational process as it is organizational product. Dave Miller, big thinker at Stoke Strategy, notes:

“How you decide how to decide needs to be as carefully managed as the words and mediums chosen.”

Paying attention to what’s going on within an organization is a worthy step before diving into the making of the message.  Teamwork, systems flow, communication tools that work. The best message won’t survive beyond your walls if your internal structure is dysfunctional. Skip that step, and frustration results.  Not exactly the best way to get your story to employees, customers and beyond.

Posted September 25th, 2009