Build a stronger narrative

We all know the value of compelling messages and the impact of powerful storytelling. However bringing it all together to deliver a narrative that influences every touchpoint with your target audiences can be a challenge.

The Lucid Method streamlines the process. Our model is based upon empirical research and 15+ years of experience shaping narratives for internal and external communication at leading professional services firms, consumer brands and nonprofits in the U.S. and globally.

Our core message platform captures your positioning, critical audience issues, leading attributes, core messages and relevant proof points, all in a single page. This tool becomes the touchstone for every piece of communication. Multiple message platforms are constructed to build a complete message architecture — for sales and product messaging — to deliver a consistent, customer-facing story throughout your organization and beyond.

Services include:

  • Message platforms tailored to communicate:
    • Brand messages (for marketing)
    • Sales messages (for internal/external sales teams)
    • Product messages (for specific customer segments)
  • Evidence-based storytelling tool
  • Content briefs for creatives, web developers, video producers, PR teams, internal communications
  • Presentation narratives for executives
  • Content development for marketing communications
  • Jumpstart branding and messaging for small business owners